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About me

I am a mother of two, a 3 and a half years old boy and a 3 month old baby girl. I am a work at home mother, spending my whole day with my children, and working as a freelance programmer when they are sleeping.

Where my journey began with Waldorf Education

The first time I heard about the term "Waldorf Education" was some time in year 2011. I was reading a blog post of my friend, she was sharing some photos about an activity held in the house. Someone left a comment and asked if she is using Waldorf methods. I was curious, how did these people know it's Waldorf education by just looking at the photo? And now I understand why.

Not long later, my husband recommended me to attend a seminar and a doll making workshop. Before attending the seminar, we were recommended to read a book written by the speaker. (《病是教养出来的》 - a Chinese book, written by a Taiwanese doctor.) After reading the book, both my husband and I knew that this is the education we want for our children. We want our children to enjoy the freedom, to be balanced and happy in their lives.

Since then, we decided to homeschool our children by using the Waldorf methods. We might not follow exactly, but I have once read from someone "Steiner did not want us to follow him, he wanted us to follow ourselves." This is so true, we know what our children want, and we try to give them the best we can.

I started to learn craft making, started by paper craft, then knitting, and sewing. I wish to learn wood crafting soon and also make a Waldorf doll for my son, and another for my newborn baby girl soon.

I am trying to have some preschool activities for my son, such as circle time, morning nature walk, storytelling, and most of the time, free play. I have recently set a daily rhythm for my son, which makes me believe the power of having the rhythm.

Throughout all the internet searches, I have found many good sites and resources about Waldorf education. I'd like to keep them nicely and organized in a blog, so that I can reference to any of them in the future. Most of all, I'd really love to share this information with others.


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